Cloud Based

Accessible from anywhere and anytime

Email & SMS Features on
Invoicing and Report Instant information
Multiple Invoice Template
Less monotonous layout

GST Ready
Auto generation of GST ready billing system
Advanced Reporting
Availability of utilization, total amount including GST and booking details
Restaurant Module
Restaurant Billing system to handle in-house restaurant with a hotel.

    Cloud Based


Robust Security

Cloud storage is a service where data is remotely backed up, managed and maintained. The users are allowed to store files online by this service. Hence, they can access them from any location via Internet connection. It reduced the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. The service is flexible.



Instant Delivery

The user can send instant information to their consumers. When the booking will be confirmed and the invoice will be generated, the users can send the information to their consumers instantly. They can send inform the check in check out time of their consumers via Email and SMS service too, so that the guests can have every single information of their activities.


Package Upgradation

We are providing the free trial package to our consumers for the first 15 days. After the completion of the period you need to recharge via our exclusive packages for further usage of your account. You may upgrade your package anytime. In case of SMS packages, if you renew your package before expiration, the remaining balance will be carry forwarded automatically. We are providing 3 packages such as Standard, Moderate and Premium respectively.


Sign up for your free GoFinix trial account

You are welcomed to experience the journey with GoFinix on a free trial package for first 15 days. To sign up for free click here.


What is Cloud?

Cloud service is an information technology that enables omnipresent access to shared configurable system resources and higher level services. It enables you to access your files from anywhere and anytime.


GST Rules

GoFinix follows the GST rules that Indian Economy has decided based on room tariff. While the room tariff remains less than INR. 1000, no GST will be applicable, when the tariff remains between INR. 1000 to 2500, 12% GST will be applicable, in case of tariff between INR. 2,500 to 7,500, 18% GST slab will be applicable and if the tariff exceeds INR. 7,500, then 28% GST slab will be applicable.


How to take Support ?

The users may take support by clicking the option “Need Help?” at the right upper corner of the page. They will be led to the support page. The users have to create ticket by providing valid email address, full name, phone number and other required options. The time limit of a generated ticket is 24 hours. Within 24 hours the customer executives will revert back with solution.