Our Partnership

Authorizing the Perfection in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry GoFinix empowers thousands of hotels across the world with property management software. Amplify your business by joining us.

Valuable Partnerships

Working together for the success of our great experience to walk on the way of business is good for us. While walking the way of business, we meet with many diverse neighborhoods. It is important that partnership become a priority. We are fortunate to be able to connect with resourceful people and organizations. On the principles of commitment, outreach and support the bonding between partners enrich. No matter the obstacles the company faces, we always counter them together and find meaningful solutions that enhance every possible way to firm the relationship.

Benefit of Partnership with Us

GoFinix is the organization who offers you the best hotel invoicing software in India with unlimited benefits. On constant evolving technology and preparing new sources of profit, the success and development is constructed. As a hotelier, technology provider or consultant of hotel and hospitality industry, you may join us as our partner. GoFinix is invented to support our partners’ business growth by generating new opportunities so that it can increase the profit factor. We are strongly devoted to provide the best service that our partners can achieve their required place in business world.

With GoFinix You Can Get

  •   The best product and services
  •  Sales and marketing
  •  Priority support
  •  Lead ownership
  •  Online payment
  •  Training and implementation
  •  Dedicated Accounts Manager with revenue management

Customers are Precious to GoFinix

GoFinix offers you a wonderful experience while promoting your business online. The software is very secured and affordable. Each and every hotel that the customers demonstrate to the software, all of their data are secured with it. The software is affordable and pocket friendly. The hoteliers, who need to manage their properties efficiently, find the budget is easy to handle and pocket soothing. When you are dealing with the new hotels, they factor the cost into their budget from the very beginning. Simultaneously they can get technical help whenever it is needed. Henceforth GoFinix marks the benefits of being hassle free and affordable hotel inventory software. 

GoFinix offers several benefits for Partners

Easy Setup

We offer you the required backups so that you can concentrate on your service to your consumers.

Quick Response

GoFinix helps to maintain business without spending so much time. Get quick response whenever it’s needed.

Technical Support

GoFinix offers 24X5 technical supports.

Manage Client Relationship

GoFinix helps to provide instant information to your guests and maintain customer relationship.


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