Frequently Asked Quastions

At first go to the homepage of the official website At the bottom of the page there is an option named “Register Now”. Click on the button and you will be led to sign up or log in page. Fill up the required fields- the user name, valid email ID, password and confirm password. Then click the box before agreement of terms of usage. Now click on sign up option.

Then you will be led to sign in page. Now GoFinix will send you an email to your ID. You have to open the mail and click on the option “verify me”. Your account will be verified and now you can sign in through user name and password.

Now you have to fill your merchant application form. GoFinix will approve your application within a minute and now you can enjoy the service by re-logging in. Don’t forget to have a look into the terms and conditions of the merchant details page and agree with it before submitting the form.

Go to the top of the right side of the homepage of Click on the log in/ sign up button. You will be led to the merchant control panel. Fill up the field of user name and password. Click on sign in button and you will be logged in.

No. Bank detail field is not mandatory for filling up merchant details page.

If the password is forgotten, you should go to the sign in page and press on the forgotten password button. Then you have to provide the email ID. GoFinix will send you a mail. Open it and you will get the option “recover password”. Go to the link and you can reset your password within 48 hours.

if you have lost your password, go to the sign in page, press the forgotten password button. Provide the valid email ID and GoFinix will send you a mail containing “recover password” option. Go to the link and provide the new password and confirm it. That’s it. You are able to login again.

No, you can’t change your merchant panel information after submitting the form.

If it’s urgent to change information of merchant detail information, you have to mail to the support team of GoFinix, [email protected]. They will verify your mail and request. If it’s verified once, they will allow you to change the information. But remember one thing, you have to mail from the registered email ID by which you have logged in.

log in into your profile. There is an option “need help” on the right upper corner of the page. Click on it and you will be led to the chat page. Fill up the required field as name, email ID and write down which support you need into the message box. Then send it. After completing the procedure you will receive the successful message. If you want to resend any query, you will get the option of “send again”.

After logging in you will get an option, “Hotel” in left side navigation. Click on it. To up listing the information of new hotel, go to create new option. Fill up the required fields and submit. Your hotel information will be uplisted. You can increase the entry number of your hotels.

click on the check in time. Select the AM or PM. Click on the number, which hour you want to select. Press ok. Now select the time for minute. Press ok. Your check in time is selected. For check out do the same.

No. The bank information isn’t mandatory while listing hotel information. But if you don’t provide the information, we will face some difficulties regarding payment. When someone will book hotels online via our website, we will be unable to send you the amount. But if you really don’t want to provide the information, you may skip it.

Till now there is no segregation. You have to choose “all” while filling up the form.

You have to provide the information about if there is any commodity or facility into the dining room of your above mentioned hotel.

a. Click on the “Hotels” option from the left menu bar.
b. choose the hotel name.
c. Go to the “view rooms” option under “No. of Room type”.

Not at all. You can segregate the rooms by bed numbers. You can accumulate the information of all rooms by the bed numbers. For example: You can accumulate the room numbers in the section of double bed or triple beds or dormitory.

Bed type is the different types of bed such as single, double, triple or something else. And the bed count is the number of that type of bed in one room.

You have to provide the total numbers of guest in one room in this section.

Look at the main navigation at the left side of the page. Click on the booking option. Click the “create new” option. Here you can book your rooms. If extra bed is required, you can toggle the button.
Look at the main navigation at the left side of the page. Click on the “Front Office” option. You will get the “Create New Booking” option. You may enter the data of your new booking here. You may toggle the button for extra bed.

You will get the “Front Office” option in the left menu bar. Click on it. You may get the option “Check-in/out”. In this section you may get the detail chart of the arrival, departure of your consumers and the booked rooms too.

Yes. You may have the detailed count of booked rooms of your hotel along with the diagram. You should go to the “Reports” from the left menu bar. You will get the “Utilization” option. Click it and you will get the total count of “Available”, “Occupied” and “Blocked” rooms of your hotels with proper diagram.

“Available” means the rooms those are not booked yet. “Occupied” means the rooms those are booked, but the guest has not appeared yet. And “Blocked” means the room where your guests have already checked in.

The “GST” options in “Reports” are to show the GST types and the Total amount with GST.

At first go to the “Reports” from the left menu bar. Then go to the “Booking” option. In this section you may check the booking status of your hotels.

At first go to the “Reports” from the left menu bar. Then go to the “Booking” option. In this section you may check the booking status of your hotels.

You may check your available subscription packages from the “Package” section in “Subscription” option from the left menu bar. You may buy the new subscription package from here.

You have to go to the “Subscription” option first from the left menu bar. You will get “Details” option there. You may have the usage and remaining balance of your package there?

Only, SMS balance will be carry forwarded if you renew your package before expiration. Other benefits will be deducted right after the package expiration.

NO, till now the option of selling hotels via is not available. But in future the option will be available. Registered hotel can be sold via soon.

No. Right now the service is available only in English language.

For the first 15 days, GoFinix is free. But after the trial period you need to pay a certain amount. Go to subscription at the left panel and find the suitable package for you.

We offer you the payment for your subscription in 2 ways. You can pay via online payment or you can contact us and then deposit your money via bank transaction.