Top 5 Affordable GST Ready Hotel Software in India

October 3, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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To maintain hospitality and customer relationship management, the best hotel management software is an ultimate management solution. In the hospitality industry like restaurants, hostel, lodges, suited, resorts etc, a hotel management system can be used for managing rooms to engage with guests. At present, “technology” is not the thing to be terrified. You should embrace the “technology” rather. It can transform the experience for your customers truly.

For years, the hotel industry has been flourishing. The market is adapting the environment of competition is gradually increasing as the entry of new entrepreneurs in the business world. To survive into the competition one has to be the best in any sphere. To manage a hotel and ensure it has a smooth functioning, hotelier needs to incorporate a Hotel PMS software. A hotel without a software is like nothing.

There is an inescapable confusion, with the launch of GST. A good GST ready hotel software possesses several features like front office, POS, inventory, payroll, internet hotel booking software, hotel billing software and interfaces. The best HMS hotel software solutions makes itself as a full-fledged system and it may be proved to be the base of any hotel business. While running a hotel, severe issues can be caused to hoteliers. It is a hospitality management system that provides ready solutions for all the issues they usually faced.

So here we are discussing about 5 affordable GST ready hotel software.


GoFinix is the latest and brand new cloud based hotel software introduced by Tradesights Webservices. It offers GST ready accounting software that produces invoices and bills with flawless GST count automatically. It helps to maintain each and every single detailing of the businesses in an accumulated form. GoFinix offers free trial for first 15 days of usage and if you want to continue the usage, then you have to buy certain subscription package by paying certain amount.


Cloudbeds is one of the best cloud based hotel software in India. You may work from anywhere and anytime as it is a cloud based software. Cloudbeds is mobile friendly too. The dashboard is easy to use and that makes it easy to train new staff as well. You may reach to more travelers by connecting to the most well known online travel agencies. It offers you to get more direct bookings, to get a better view of your business with super technology, get excellent 24×7 support and so on.

EZee FrontDesk

EZee FrontDesk hotel PMS is packed with powerful features. They make it easy to manage the daily operations while improving the overall guest services for you. This hotel management system can accommodate the strictest operational requirement as it is designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts. EZee FrontDesk possesses the features as reservation management, front desk operations, profile management, rate management, revenue management, back office operations, in house operation and so on. Its mobile application for PMS reports offers a unique opportunity to receive instant summarized reports of reservation and revenue data of your hotel. You may get the reports of current day, period to date and year to date room revenues too. KWHotel Free is the software that offers a free functionality and technical support to you. It’s easy to learn.


The another GST ready hotel software is KW Hotel that eases the hotel management activities. It has several features such as KWHotel desktop, KWHotel web, KWHotel mobile, online booking engine, free content updates, advanced functionalities and so on. It can be synchronized with the most popular channel managers. You may enhance your KWHotel experience with hotel locks, restaurant and accounting software synchronization as well.


Hotelogix helps both the old and the emerging hotel climb on its platform. It lets them match the versatility and dynamism of the larger to more resourceful hospitality business. It has several features such as frontdesk operations, Point of Sale management, housekeeping management, distribution management, reports and so on. They create great technology and make it accessible to the hoteliers who weren’t able to afford it previously.