GoFinix, an Affordable and User-friendly Hotel Software

August 8, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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If you are all new in the field of online hotel business, then it must seem a puzzle to you. No matter if it is large or small, a free GST ready hotel software must be needed. To get started off with any kind of hotel is really tough, especially for a novice. It’s very important for a hotel to understand the needs and the requirements of their guests as the competition is growing in the industry in daily basis.


Hotel management includes room booking, housekeeping, customer data management and so on. Holding Hotel Management online is a wise decision as well. It seems to take stresses off your shoulders by automating all operations through software. Integrated and automated software also means that the management can optimize hotel activities. Simultaneously it can gather business intelligence. In this way it keeps a tight control on costing.


Tradesights Webservices introduces GoFinix, the free GST ready hotel software. It’s a breakthrough opportunity for the users and hotel-owners for starting their online activities of the hotels. GoFinix is fully customized and GST ready according to the guidelines of the Government of India. You need to register only and the software will be ready to serve.


Let’s have a look how GoFinix is counted as a free GST ready hotel software that is affordable and user-friendly as well.


Free trial for 15 days


GoFinix offers you a free trial for 15 days. You can try it first. Check how to create your account, hotel details, room details and the prices. Then if you find it worthy for you, you may forward for further payment.


Exclusive offer


Soon this free GST ready hotel software is going to approach you with an exclusive offer. GoFinix is going to make a certain amount applicable for the usage of this software per month. You need to pay Rs. 300 per month. But you need to pay Rs. 3000 per annum instead of Rs. 3600. Isn’t it a good news?


Cloud service available


What if hotel management software offers solutions through the cloud service? By the day it makes life simpler. From tracking payments, booking rooms online, extended customizable services, GoFinix is a tough competitor.


SMS and Email Alert


The users can inform their consumers about the booking status and billing details by SMS or Email. And the service is absolutely free. They can send the bill through email too via this free GST ready hotel software.


GST ready


The best part of GoFinix is it’s free GST ready hotel software. You don’t need to add GST percentage manually while counting the total earning or expenses. The software will auto generate a GST ready bill for your consumers.


According to the Finance department of India, there are four tax rate slabs applicable for hotel businesses


5% tax slab

5% GST slab is applicable for the hotels with tariff below Rs 1000.


12% tax slab

12% GST slab is applicable for the hotels with tariff between Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,500.


18% tax slab

18% tax slab is applicable for AC hotels that serve liquor, telecom services, branded garments and financial services.


28% tax slab

5star hotels, luxury hotels, gambling, race club betting and cinema services are counted under 28% tax slab.



GoFinix is the free GST ready hotel software that is helpful for the hotel owners who are new for online business. This software helps by generating hassle free and auto-generated billing with included GST slabs. GoFinix eases the procedures to handle hotel business online.