Can GoFinix Be Introduced As The Best GST Ready Hotel Software ?

October 29, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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GoFinix is designed and developed under the guidance of experts. The hotel management software can accommodate the most severe operational requirement for various types of property. You can maintain hotels, motels, resorts, small hotels and much more properties with this software. To cover every aspects of property management it has a whole range of integrated modules. GoFinix is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of users. They can be admin as well as general manager, front office or reservation manager. This software will help them to perform their duties efficiently as the software offers a wide range of modules to make the operation process smoother.

GoFinix is one of the leading hotel billing services management software too. It is comprehensive, easy to use and specifically designed for hotel industry as well. It utilizes the best business practices in the latest trends to run your business in a profitable manner and independently. GoFinix is the complete hotel management system that covers all necessities of your business. It acts as your hotel billing software and cover entire business performances. This software makes sure that the clients get their requirements easily whenever they try to manage their business. It is one of the most powerful cloud based hotel billing software.

GoFinix helps you to control your hotel business expenses as well as earnings online. You may use this software for billing, invoicing, expense, booking management and much more. It reduces the work load of business too. According to your need and budget, there are many software in the market. But GoFinix is the one that is GST compatible and multi users bearing. The best part is that it offers free usage for first 15 days. If you want to continue the usage further, then you have to subscribe via a subscription package from the website certainly. It helps you to create and track invoices easily from anywhere and from any device.

So, lets’ have a look about how GoFinix can be introduced as the best GST ready hotel software.

Booking management:

GoFinix helps the hoteliers to create and manage the bookings of your hotels as well as other inventory management. It shows you the detailed information of room availability too.

Front Desk Operations:

This software helps the hoteliers to operate front desk task so effectively. You can manage the check in, check out details, document preservations, booking history and details and so on.


You may track the utilization history, total GST count, day booking and guest review in this section. The software helps you to get all of the information properly and analyze the report of the performances of their hotels.

User Management:

You may create users to manage the management activities of your business. This software allows to create users and provide powers to some extent to them so that they can manage the activities easily and effectively.


The dashboard helps you to get back to the daily tasks including booking management, tracking guest staying, incoming cancellation, the payment system and else so easily.


GoFinix is the best GST ready hotel software, it is the best property management system also. It can produce flawless GST ready invoices and bills as well as it can maintain every single detailing of your business accumulated in one platform.