Data Security


A SaaS company is dedicated to supporting consumers always. Being a SaaS company we take your data and security very solemnly. It is in fact super critical to us that your data remain safe. We constantly detect and work towards closing any threats that might put it at risk ever.


Our company is always trying to improve our security systems. We try to safeguard your data in GoFinix even better. We are responsible to resolve any vulnerability in the system that threatens your privacy and information. We obviously look forward to your inputs, critique and feedback that can help us to improve our setup. It makes GoFinix better for all of us as well.


Whenever you found any issues and flaws affecting the data security or privacy of GoFinix users, you may write to with the relevant information. It will help us to get working on it right away. Immediately we will look into your request. You might be asked for your guidance in identifying or replacing the issue and understanding any means to resolve the threat instantly. Whenever you provide us any information, please be specific and clear. We solemnly appreciate your help to detect and fix flaws in GoFinix. Once the threat is resolved, we will acknowledge your contribution to the world.


In any case of doubt or queries, feel free to revert back to us through we will instantly get back to you.