GST Ready

Our hotel booking and invoicing software is fully customized and GST ready according to the guidelines of the Government of India. So, just register and start using software for free of cost for first 15 days.

Free Trial

GoFinix offers free trial of the hotel software for first 15 days. You don’t need to pay any fee, even we don’t need any card information. You just need to register and a brand new software will be ready for your usage.

SMS & Emailing

Send your customer SMS and email alert by using our software. Inform your customer about the booking status and billing details by sending SMS & Email for free. Even you may send the bill via email by using our modern software.


Now forget those days when you need to your personal PC to access your business account details. With our software, you just need the login details and you will able to track everything about your hotel business.



GoFinix is a product of Tradesights Webservices who offers you the hotel software all over India. It’s a breakthrough beginning for the hotel-owners and users for starting their business activities on the internet. Initially no payment or card information is needed here. Our hotel booking software is fully customized and GST ready according to the guidelines of the Government of India. We are offering free trial for 15 days to our consumers. After the trial period, they need to subscribe by paying a little amount that is declared for a certain subscription period. You just need to register and brand new software will be ready for you.You don’t need to recall the past experience of managing your business. This invoicing software will help you to maintain each and every records of your business in an accumulated form. It offers you the cloud based services.



With the concept of hotel accounting solution, we have launched the brand new GST ready hotel management software. A simple process containing perfect registration, signing up, up listing required information about your hotels and booking on our official website, can lead you to consume 100% authentic software for the ultimate solution for your hotels. First you have to register on our website and you will be led to our log in page. After logging in you have to fill merchant application form. We will approve your application within a minute. Then you can enjoy the service just after a step of re-login. Our broad range of services includes business promotion, account software solution, branding and E-Commerce solution. With a brand new concept of accounting, now we are ready to provide this brand new GST ready solution for hotel owners.


We proclaim ourselves to be the first organisation who is offering you the best brand new hotel invoicing software in India with unlimited benefits. With our software, you just need to log in properly and you will able to track every single detailing about your hotel business. We are accumulating your each and every hotel details even from different websites in one platform so that you can manage your all business details in one touch and obviously in one platform. You can manage your all hotel details from different websites from this single account. It reduces your power of activity. This GST ready invoicing system helps you to consume a hassle-free billing system. As like as every all-in-one hotel software, GoFinix eliminate all these hassles by implementing an integrated hotel management system from a single trader or system aggregator.



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